Fire in Double Jacketed Hose

Issue 18 and Volume 68.

Fire in Double Jacketed Hose The very unusual incident referred to in the communication from Fire Commissioner John R. Murphy of Boston, Mass., in reply to a request for information sent him by FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING and which appears on this page, probably constitutes the first instance ever known of fire hose bursting into flame while water was passing through it. The origin of this fire in the hose is attributed by the officials of the department to friction of one jacket against the other caused by the action of the water passing through the hose. With this theory Commissioner Murphy disagrees, attributing the fire to some foreign substance in the hose being set on fire by the friction. Whether the Commissioner is correct in his hypothesis will of course hinge upon the report of Professor Gill, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, to whom the sample of hose…

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