What Every Fire Fighter Should Know

Issue 18 and Volume 68.

What Every Fire Fighter Should Know FRED SHEPPERD B.Sc., M.E., Technical Editor (NOTE: The reader is expected to have a fairly good knowledge of arithmetic; hence the information given in this department under the heading “Arithmetic” includes but a very brief review of the more easily forgotten parts of this subject. The introductory paragraphs, therefore, while essentially simple and elementary, are deemed necessary to refresh the memory of those following up this series, in assisting them later on in the study of the various chapters devoted to the sciences of Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting.—EDITOR.) (Continued from page 880) Mensuration Definitions A straight line is a line that does not change its direction. A curved line is a line that changes its direction at every point. Parallel lines are lines which have the same direction. An angle is the difference in direction of two lines. Angles are measured by degrees.…

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