Fertilizer Factory Destroyed in Charlestown

Issue 18 and Volume 68.

Fertilizer Factory Destroyed in Charlestown The fertilizer factory of Washington, Alexandria & Cook on the outskirts of Charlestown, W. Va., was practically destroyed by a fire, which started at 4 P. M. recently. The building, which was of frame, was 130 x 160 feet and 30 feet in height and had been built about seven years. It fronted on a street of 60 feet in width. The fire started in the bagging room originating from a spark in a waxing machine. It had gained considerable headway by the time the department arrived, and it was evident to Chief H. A. Marsteller that nothing could be done to save the building, so that he devoted the energies of his department, consisting of twenty-five men, to preventing the spread of the fire. The apparatus consisted of two steamers and 250 feet of hose were laid, one inch nozzles being used. The water…

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