Perfection Through Free Discussion

Issue 18 and Volume 68.

Perfection Through Free Discussion No more important illustration of the necessity of free and thorough discussion of the reports of the various committees constituting the comprehensive plan of standardization which the International Association of Fire Engineers has embarked upon in the past year and on which a very encouraging start was made at the recent convention at Toronto last July, can be found than through the perusal of the discussion which the report of the committee on Drill Schools, Drills and Training elicited at that meeting. This discussion, consequent upon the reading of this report section by section by its chairman, Chief John C. Moran, of the fire department of Hartford, Conn., has been published in this and the preceding two issues of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, and constitutes one of the best and most practical treatises on the subject of the proper instruction of firemen that has ever been…

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