Fire Fighting System of Rock Island Arsenal

Issue 19 and Volume 68.

Fire Fighting System of Rock Island Arsenal Fire Department of Trained Men—Description of Station and Apparatus—Fire Alarm Telegraph System—Complete Water Supply Plant—Fire Protection Carefully Systematized CHIEF DANIEL H. SHIRE Rock Island Arsenal Fire Department WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON purchased Rock Island from the Sac and Fox Tribes of Indians in 1804 for the United States. In 1817 Fort Armstrong was established on the west end of the island and a small garrison of soldiers stationed there. The first white settlers came to Rock Island in 1828. The first railroad bridge was built across the island in 1855. Rock Island Arsenal was authorized by an Act of Congress on July 11, 1862. Colonel Kingsbury, the first commanding officer, began the construction of the Arsenal and the first building was completed 1867. Some of the timbers used in the construction of this building were taken from old Fort Armstrong. Power from Mississippi River…

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