Who Reads This Column?

Issue 19 and Volume 68.

Who Reads This Column? VERY once in a while we are surprised to find how many of our subscribers regularly read the more or less personal paragraphs that appear in this column from week to week. Is It Curiosity? THE comments that we hear so frequently indicate that there is a natural interest and curiosity to know just what we are going to say—or what our readers have to say in letters that we quote. They want to know what things interest their paper. WHAT does it all prove? Simply this: That FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING is not merely a magazine, a lifeless, cold-blooded combination of paper and ink, but rather an intimate, personal sort of thing of flesh and blood, logically fitting into the natural interests of the fire protection and water supply officials whose paper it is, and performing a real function that is worthy of their closest…

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