Life Net, Life Gun and Hose Line Work Considered

Issue 20 and Volume 68.

Life Net, Life Gun and Hose Line Work Considered Discussion of These Important Matters in Connection with Report of Committee on Drill Schools, Drills and Training by I. A. F. E. at Toronto THIRD DAY—FIRST SESSION Wednesday, July 28, 9:30 A. M. (Continued from page 970) NOTE—Attention is especially called to the editorial comment on the Committee Reports of the International Association of Fire Engineers, on page 1020. Lowering Ladder to Ground: The ladder is lowered on the roof, the men then turn it up on its side and push it out until bowline knot on the outside of the roller, they then lay the ladder down flat with rope in on the roller, three men then grasp the rope, the other allows ladder to tip over the cornice and keeps a hold on it until top is just below the roller, the men on the rope hold it there…

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