Issue 21 and Volume 68.

CONVENTION DATES Nov. 30-Dec. 2—UNION OF MANITOBA MUNICIPALITIES. Annual convention, Brandon, Man. Secretary, Robert Forke, Pipestone, Manitoba, Canada. November 29—INDIANA FIRE COLLEGE. Convention and fire college with representatives from all cities and towns of Indiana, State Fair Grounds, Indianapolis, Ind. State Fire Marshal H. H. Friedley. Dec. 7-10—AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS, Annual Meeting, 29 West 39th Street, New York City. Secretary, Calvin W. Rice. Dec 8-10—FIRE MARSHALS’ ASSOCIATION OF NORTH AMERICA. Annual meeting. Now York City. Secretary, State Fire Marshal George H. Nettleton, St. Paul, Minn. Dec. 9—BROOKLYN ENGINEERS’ CLUB. Annual meeting, election of officers. Dec. 16-17—KANSAS ENGINEERING SOCIETY. Annual meeting. Topeka, Kan. Dec. 17—AM. SOC. OF SAFETY ENGINEERS AND NAT’L FIRE PROTECTION ASSOCIATION, N. Y, Chapter. Joint Meeting on Fire Protection, 29 West 39th Steet, New York City, Jan. 19, 1921—AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS. Annual convention, 29 West 39th Street, Now York City. Secretary, Charles Warren Hunt.…

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