Gypsum as an Industrial Fire Resistant Material

Issue 21 and Volume 68.

Gypsum as an Industrial Fire Resistant Material Its Use in Construction of Industrial Buildings from Fire Prevention Standpoint—Many Uses in this Respect—Spark and Brand Proof Gypsum Roofing M., AM. SOC. M. E. Consulting Engineer NATIONAL conservation measures, when applied to building construction, should include, not only the use of materials best suited for the purposes outlined, but also a consideration of such methods of assembling and construction as will protect and preserve the materials used from the wearing effects of natural consequences and the devastating waste of fire. The waste of our national wealth, due largely to improper use of materials and construction, as the result of fire alone for the year 1918, amounted to more than $283,000,000. The strictly preventable and partly preventable causes of this enormous fire waste listed in percentage of the total waste costs are as follows: A study of the list submitted suggests that items…

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