Stutz Gets Big Indianapolis Contract

Issue 21 and Volume 68.

Stutz Gets Big Indianapolis Contract Word has been received that the city of Indianapolis, Ind., has placed an order with the Stutz Fire Engine Company for thirty-five pieces of motor apparatus, consisting of seven 750-gallon pumpers, eighteen 600-gallon pumpers and ten city service trucks. This is one of the largest single purchases made from any one company in some time and is naturally regarded by the Stutz people as a great victory. “This deal was fought hard by our competitors,” says Tom R. Johnstone, general sales manager, “because they knew if they could down the Stutz here in their own town the maxim, ‘A prophet is not without honor save in his own country,’ would stand good.” Before the contract was awarded, it is said, a rigid investigation was made by a committee of motor car experts.

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