Lack of Water Supplies in Small Towns

Issue 21 and Volume 68.

Lack of Water Supplies in Small Towns Quite frequently in the reports received from all quarters by FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING describing fires occurring during the current week the fact is mentioned in these dispatches that—generally in the case of small towns —the fire got beyond control from the lack of water supply or fire-fighting facilities, or both. It is perhaps natural that in communities where the population is neither very extensive nor possessed of considerable means, the expenditure of large sums in providing an efficient water supply or organizing and equipping a fire department would be somewhat of a burden on the citizens. But on the other hand, very few things in this mundane sphere are obtainable without a certain amount of self-sacrifice, and this applies especially to matters connected with public concern. An efficient system of water supply is always a good investment for the citizens of a…

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