Issue 23 and Volume 68.

SPECIAL BUSINESS NEWS FIRE BUSINESS SPECIALS Oneida, N. Y.—Proposition to spend $4,000 for fire engine carried almost unanimously. Sag Harbor, N. Y.—As much of the hose now in use is old the village trusteees voted to buy 1,500 feet of fire hose at a cost of nearly $2,000. Edwardsville, Pa.—Council has decided to purchase 300 feet of rope for fire department. Mercer, Pa.—East End Hose Company has raised over $2,000 for the purchase of fire truck. Belle Vernon, Pa.—Volunteer firemen are endeavoring to raise the sum of $10,000 for a modern motor fire truck. California, Pa.—Village has no fire-fighting apparatus. Wilmington, Del.—Organization of paid fire department is under consideration. Warwood, W. Va.—Entire village was threatened by recent fire owing to low pressure of water and lack of pumper. Reynoldsville, Pa.—The question of motorization and motor pumps will be considered at a meeting to be held Dec. 7. Quinton, N. J.—Fire…

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