High Wire Fence Hampers Sandusky Firemen

Issue 23 and Volume 68.

High Wire Fence Hampers Sandusky Firemen The plant of the Hord Color Products Company, situated in the southeast portion of Sandusky, Ohio, and occupying a half acre of ground, was badly damaged by a fire which occurred recently and which was caused by an explosion in an overheated naphthalene still. One cause which contributed to the large loss from the fire was the fact that the department, when it arrived under the command of Chief John D. Curtis, was compelled to cut its way through a wire fence, ten feet high, which surrounded the plant. The building was of brick, stone and wood, two stories in height, with partition walls of wood, and had been built about twenty-seven years. It was not equipped with sprinklers or any other fire protection. The alarm came in by telephone and when the department arrived the basement was all ablaze, and the fire following…

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