Lessons from a Des Moines Oil Storage Station Fire

Issue 23 and Volume 68.

Lessons from a Des Moines Oil Storage Station Fire Fire from Explosion of Doubtful Origin—Small Containers Supposedly Empty, but with Remainders of Contents, Piled About Yard Contributed to Spread FOR the following report and the illustrations accompanying it we are indebted to the Iowa Insurance Service Bureau of Des Moines, Iowa, it being a special fire report by Charles A. Whitney, engineer, National Board of Fire Underwriters, and Harry J. Corcoran, engineer. The property involved was the oil storage station of the Manhattan Oil Company, facing Murphy Street, between S. W. 9th and S. W. 11th Streets, in the oil district, Des Moines, Iowa. The storage contained one 158,000 gallon tank of gasoline, one 158,000 gallon tank of distillate, one 158,000 and one 140,000 gallon tank of kerosene, the four forming a group covering an area 75 by 90 feet. Adjoining these tanks at the northeast corner was a group…

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