Fire in Buffalo Department Store

Issue 23 and Volume 68.

Fire in Buffalo Department Store A building occupied by W. A. Morgan’s Golden Rule department store in the eastern part of the city caught fire from an undetermined cause recently in the stock room on the third floor. The building was of three stories and basement, sixty-five feet in height, of brick, iron and wood, the walls being of brick, and was not equipped with automatic sprinklers, but there were standpipes with hose connections, fire extinguishers, a telegraph fire alarm system, and a watchman was detailed to guard the premises at night. The dimensions of the building were 125×180 feet on a 40-foot street. While it is not known at what time the fire started, according to 6th Battalion Chief W. T. Hill the alarm was received from box 45 at 9:36 P. M. When the department arrived the flames were breaking out of the third-story windows, and the department,…

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