What Every Fire Fighter Should Know

Issue 23 and Volume 68.

What Every Fire Fighter Should Know FRED SHEPPERD B.Sc., M.E., Technical Editor (Continued from page 1119) Melting Point and Laws of Fusion Many substances melt, or fuse, when heated to high temperatures. The temperature at which this melting or fusing occurs is known as the melting point of the substance. Solidification is the converse of fusion. Practically all substances which have been melted by the application of heat, resume their former condition on cooling. An interesting point in this connection is that the temperature of melting of a substance, that is, the melting point, is precisely the same as the temperature at which it will again solidify. Crystalline substances usually have very definite melting and solidifying points. Ice, for example, has a melting point of 32 degrees Fahr., which is also its freeezing point. The majority of substances increase in volume on fusing. This is in line with a previous…

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