More About Fort Lauderdale’s System

Issue 23 and Volume 68.

More About Fort Lauderdale’s System Since publishing the article on the water softening system of Forth Lauderdale, Fla., which appeared in the October 20th issue the following letter has been received from H. C. Davis, city engineer of the Florida city. As this latter includes quite a few more details than were given in the article by Mr. Main, it is reproduced herewith: This is a softening plant. Maximum capacity with present equipment 200,000 gallons per day. Present average production, 70,000 gallons per day. The source of supply is two eight-inch wells, 25 feet apart, each 62 feet deep, the formation is sand to a depth of six feet, then colitic limestone of varying degrees of hardness. Wells are cased to the botton. The water is pumped from wells by Sullivan Air Lifts, supplied from 11 x 10 compressor, belt driven from electric motor. The air lifts deliver water through…

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