Competition Among Plant Firemen

Issue 25 and Volume 68.

Competition Among Plant Firemen An interesting feature of the Swift & Company fire protection and prevention system as described on page 1256 in this week’s issue of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING is the plan of offering prizes for the best fire record each year in point of both monetary loss and fire prevention, the idea being to arouse a keen competition among, not only the fire marshals of the various plants of this great packing institution, but also among the individual members of the fire departments. According to the testimony of this article, which has been provided by the fire prevention management for FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, this plan has worked to the betterment of the fire departments throughout the establishment. Another important feature of this plant’s system is the exacting method adopted for inspection. This exceeds the demands of the insurance companies, and recommendations correcting defects and improving conditions…

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