Fire Losses for November

Issue 25 and Volume 68.

Fire Losses for November The fire losses of the country, including the cost of maintenance of the fire departments and the water supply, are equivalent to $2,000,000 per day. This is according to the testimony of no less an authority than T. Alfred Fleming, supervisor of the conservation department of the National Board of Fire Underwriters. Mr. Fleming made this statement at the annual meeting of the fire marshals of North America, held recently in New York City. The average amount spent each year during the last decade for the construction of new buildings was $914,376,500, and the average fire loss amounted to $242,201,600, showing that approximately one-fourth of the sum actually spent for new buildings since 1910 has gone up in smoke. The record of fires for the past month bears out this statement by Mr. Fleming. In November there were losses of $28,093,350, as compared with $23,450,800 for…

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