Water Conservation in the Schools

Issue 26 and Volume 68.

Water Conservation in the Schools The idea of spreading the doctrine of Fire Prevention through education in our schools is now a plan of well-recognized value and is pretty generally practised throughout the country in all centers where Fire Prevention is the order of the day. But it remained for Dr. Herbert Daly, director of revenue and finance of Bayonne, N. J., to suggest the application of this plan to conservation of water. Dr. Daly in a communication to Superintendent of Schools Preston H. Smith has recommended the establishment of a water laboratory at the Bayonne high school and in this connection the issuance of bulletins at various intervals explaining the city’s water system and the giving of lectures and practical demonstrations, to include the prevention of leakage in ordinary plumbing fixtures and methods for correcting same. His demonstrations would show the cost of making the repairs and the loss…

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