Water Supply for High Pressure Fire Systems

Issue 26 and Volume 68.

Water Supply for High Pressure Fire Systems Report of Committee on This Important Subject Presented to the International Association of FirejEngineers by Chief Emrich, Its Chairman Source of Supply To the Officers and Members of the International Association of Fire Engineers. GENTLEMEN—We do not feel that any hard and fast rule can be made as to the most reliable source, as conditions will vary in all cities. In general supply from a large river, the ocean, or other body of water holding in excess of a day’s supply to the system might be considered as the most dependable source of supply. We feel, however, that wherever possible two or more supplies should be made available for a high pressure system. For the supply to the pumps it is always preferable to have delivery to the pumps under head rather than to have a suction lift. For this reason it has…

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