Water Curtain Protects Firemen

Issue 1 and Volume 15.

Water Curtain Protects Firemen The Latest Thing in Firemen’s Suits Recently the Cincinnati Fire Department has tried out a novel scheme to protect the lives of firemen, fly this device, as described in “Science and Invention, for December, it now becomes possible for a man to walk right into the hottest fire with flames playing all around him, without in the least endangering his life. The illustrations perhaps show the idea better than words. It is simply a curtain of water which sprays the fireproof uniform with a continuous stream of water, enshrouding the fireman entirely with it. The water being transparent, he can see far enough ahead providing the flames do not cut off the view. He can then do all sorts of rescue work, an example of which is shown in the cover illustration of the magazine mentioned. Here the fireman is seen holding a child closely to…

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