Issue 1 and Volume 15.

TWENTY YEARS ON THE FIRE LINE We might have said the “firing line,” insofar as that term denotes ceaseless, vigilant, effective war against a ruthless foe. It is something indeed to have served for twenty years in the cause of Fire Prevention, and the friends and associates of Wilbur E. Mallalieu, General Manager of the National Board of Fire Underwriters, recognized this when they arranged that little surprise for him last month to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of his actvities with that organization. December 9th was the day, and when he entered his office in the morning he found it decorated with roses and discovered on his desk a de luxe souvenir volume specially printed for the occasion. The climax, however, occurred in the evening in the college room of the Hotel Astor. Mr. Mallalieu was inveigled into this room at 6:30 P. M., where he found thirty-six members of…

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