Safety Lessons for Automobile Drivers

Issue 1 and Volume 15.

Safety Lessons for Automobile Drivers The National Safety Council, composed of some eight thousand industrial organizations, trade associations and governmental agencies, has just undertaken the biggest job it has ever attempted during the eight years of its existence—to teach the fundamentals of safe driving and motor vehicle maintenance to every truck and passenger car driver in industrial or private employ. With the aid of automobile manufacturers, automobile driving instructors, automobile traffic managers, repair men and the representatives of practically every industry interested in any phase of the automobile accident problem, the Council conducted a nine months study of the causes of accidents and means of eradicating those causes. This study has just been completed and the findings published in the form of a set of twelve Safety Bulletins and Lessons for Automobile Drivers. A resume of these lessons, which contain much valuable information for drivers of Motor Fire Apparatus, will…

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