Issue 2 and Volume 69.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING ESTABLISHED 1877 The oldest and largest journal devoted to Fire Protection and Water Supply MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATIONS ASSOCIATED BUSINESS PAPERS, INC. Subscription Rates, $4.00 a Year Canadian, $5.00 Foreign, $6.00 Published Every Wednesday By Fire and Water Engineering, Inc. 318-326 West 39th Street, New York Charles B. Hayward, President I. H. Case, Business Manager Karl M. Mann, Advertising Manager EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT Robert H. Lockwood Editor Frederick Shepperd Technical Editor BRANCH OFFICES Chicago: Cont’I & Com’l Bank Bldg. Lyne S. Metcalfe, Mgr. St. Louis: 321 Victoria Bldg Oliver L. Marcks, Mgr. Cincinnati: 30 Opera Place E. D. Sargent, Mgr. Boston: 638 Little Bldg Frank H. Burns, Mgr. San Francisco: 1109 Hobart Bldg Bert Butterworth Los Angeles: 516 Citizens National Bldg. Manager NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 12, 1921 Index to Volume LXVIII The Index to Volume LXVIII, FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, ending with the December 29,…

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