Newark, N. J., Fire Department Report

Issue 2 and Volume 69.

Newark, N. J., Fire Department Report According to advance figures of Commissioner Connelly, of the fire division of the department of public safety, of Newark, N. J., compiled from the reports of Chief Moore and Superintendent Gasser, of the bureau of combustibles and fire risks, there was only a slight fluctuation in losses, fires, fatalities, false and needless alarms and other features as compared to 1919, both years, however, recording marked decrease over 1918. Ineluding December’s losses, estimated at $55,-000, the year just closing shows a loss of $1,266,-879.96, as contrasted with $1,039,502.27 in 1919 and $2,549,468 in 1918. The increase of $227,377.69 in losses is more than offset by the increased cost of replacement. Nearly one-third of the year’s losses was due to four fires: April 18, 704 South Eleventh Street, $54,881.15; May 29, 95 Oliver Street, $52,-674.73; September 20, Doremus Avenue, $176,-948.02, and October 30, 197 High Street,…

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