Story of Break in 36-Inch Gate Valve at Worcester

Issue 2 and Volume 69.

Story of Break in 36-Inch Gate Valve at Worcester Entire Side of Dome Breaks Completely Away from Gate, Causing Rush of Water Through Sidewalk—Twelve Gates Closed to Stop Flow ON December 13, 1920, at about 3.20 A. M., a telephone call was reported at the water department shop that water was showing in the street at Portland Street, Madison Square. At this point there is a granite block grouted paving laid above a base of concrete four inches in thickness and a granolithic sidewalk. When the call was received the normal pressure of 112 pounds showed on the gauge, except there were some rather slight variations, not out of the ordinary, which are frequently caused by local conditions. Two men were sent to remedy what appeared from the report and the pressure chart to be a slight leak. On arriving there they found a small stream of water oozing from…

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