Lockport Headquarters Building Improved

Issue 2 and Volume 69.

Lockport Headquarters Building Improved Several important improvements to fire department head-quarters, the Prospect Hall building of Lockport, N. Y., it is expected will be completed this week. Among other changes, two large folding “accordion” doors have been placed on the front or Richmond street side of the building, so that all machines can respond to alarms at the same time. The west side of the first floor, where the aerial truck will be located, has been heavily concreted and braced with steel beams, so that the apparatus will be well supported. The east side of the building will be occupied by the chief’s car and smaller apparatus. The floor on this side has also been strongly braced. A small door as an entrance for the men has been constructed on that side of the building. The second floor contains rooms for the chief and men, toilet, bath, lockers and fire…

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