Fire Alarm Boxes vs. Telephones in Case of Fire

Issue 2 and Volume 69.

Fire Alarm Boxes vs. Telephones in Case of Fire Each System Has Its Advantages and Disadvantages —The Human Element to be Considered—The Telephone as a Supplement to the Fire Alarm TIME is generally recognized as the most important element in fire fighting. It is a truism that is proven anew every year that three minutes often spell the difference between a small blaze that burns away a half-section of roof and a conflagation that reduces half of a city to ashes. Those who carry about with them the responsibilitiy of protecting life and property against fire agree that anything that may directly or indirectly increase the ability of a fire department to learn of the presence of a fire and to reach the scene within the shortest time possible after the detection of the fire is exceedingly worth while. Systems Supplement Each Other. Therefore the discussion which has ranged around…

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