Priceless Census Records Destroyed by Fire

Issue 3 and Volume 69.

Priceless Census Records Destroyed by Fire Blaze in Commerce Building Burns Papers That Can Never Be Replaced—Were Stacked in Aisles—Adjoining Property Saved in Reading, Pa.—Fires of Week Adjoining Property Saved in Reading Fire When the fire department of Reading, Pa., under the command of Chief John Neithammer arrived at the scene of the fire in response to a box alarm from station 8 at 8 P. M., they found the entire building of the Reading Dyeing Company ablaze. The chief realizing that there was very little chance of saving the building, devoted most of his energies to confining the fire to the place of origin and succeeded in this endeavor after a threehours fight. There were one 650-gallon Silsby, one 800-gallon Nott, one 700-gallon Clapper-Jones steamers, one 500 gallon and one 350-gallon White, one 750-gallon and two 1000-gallon LaFrance pumpers in service. Ten triple hydrants, spaced about 270 feet apart,…

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