Intakes of Milwaukee Water System

Issue 3 and Volume 69.

Intakes of Milwaukee Water System The entire supply of the Milwaukee, Wis., water works is taken from Lake Michigan, according to a report on the water and fire system of that city issued by the National Board of Fire Underwriters, Committee on Fire Prevention and Engineering Standards, and is pumped at a station which supplies a low service, with a reservoir as an equalizer and a high service which also receives supply by repumpage from the low service reservoir. There are small equalizing standpipes on each service. Elevations in this report are in feet above mean sea level. Lake Michigan furnishes an inexhaustible supply. Average elevations of water 580.75: maximum variation, about four feet. There has been no trouble experienced with ice or other obstructions at any of the intakes. Linwood Avenue Intake—Placed in service December 23, 1918, is now relied upon for the entire supply. An octagonal timber crib,…

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