Indianapolis Fire Loss for 1920

Issue 3 and Volume 69.

Indianapolis Fire Loss for 1920 During the year just closed, Indianapolis suffered the second largest yearly fire loss in its history, according to Wm. J. Curran, superintendent of the salvage corps. The report shows the loss for 1920 was $1,812,980. The year of 1918 which was the heaviest loss the city ever experienced shows a loss of $2,049,938. For the year of 1919 the loss was $1,068,937. With a population of 314,000, the per capita loss is $5.77, for the year just dosed. The total number of fire alarms were 3,467, while 17 of these were outside of the city giving a total of 3,450 in the city limits. There were 834 bell alarms, with 2,616 still alarms. The miscellaneous fires show a total of 421, and 298 false allarms. The dwelling loss was $345,344, which exceeds any previous year by more than $100,000. There were 2,140 fires in dwellings,…

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