Typhoid in the Outlying Districts

Issue 3 and Volume 69.

Typhoid in the Outlying Districts The elimination of the scourge of typhoid fever from the urban section is now practically an accomplished fact owing to the adoption of filtration and chlorination of the water supplies. But the rural problem is still with us. This must be one of the most important subjects to engage the attention of superintendents and chemists of the water departments. With typhoid present in the country districts the cities can never feel entirely free from danger of contamination, no matter how carefully the water may be purified. The procedure in handling this problem would seem to be one primarily of education and regulation. Education first, because in the thinly settled districts regulation is a matter of considerable difficulty. This education must consist of insuring the purity of wells and other local supplies by removing the means of contamination from their vicinity, such as cesspools, privies, stables,…

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