What Ever Fire Fighter Should Know

Issue 3 and Volume 69.

What Ever Fire Fighter Should Know Compiled and Arranged by Experiments in Resistance of Fire Streams (Continued from page 21) As to the bearing of these results, it may be noted that a current of 0.02 amperes is quite painful to most persons, and that .005 amperes is at or beyond the limit of endurance. While the minimum fatal current is very uncertain, it is probable that it would very seldom be less than 0.1 ampere and usually much more. If a stream length of 15 feet and 50,000 volts is taken as an example, the curves show that for a 1 1/8-inch nozzle a resistance of about 20,000 ohms would be obtained and hence a current of about 0.25 amperes. Such a ourrent would certainly give a severe shock and in such cases would be dangerous. If, however, a stream length of 20 feet is assumed for a 1…

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