Issue 3 and Volume 69.

SEWERAGE Sewer improvements of considerable size are under way at St. Cloud, Minn. The new sewer system of Oshkosh, Neb., has finally been completed and accepted by the city. The council of Red Wing, Minn., has ordered the construction of a tunnel sewer to cost $11,000 in that city. The new sewerage system in Lemmon, S. Dak., has been completed and has been accepted by the city commissioners. The system is said to be one of the most up-to-date in the northern part of South Dakota. According to Dr. Bleifus of the city health department of Rochester, Minn., the sewerage system of the city is out of date and a new system must be devised. He was appointed a committee of one to confer with the state board of health to secure experts to make a survey for a new system. According to Edward Kelly, president of the Dower, N.…

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