Flooding of Towns for Reservoirs

Issue 3 and Volume 69.

Flooding of Towns for Reservoirs A great deal of hysterical diatribe has been indulged in by the local press and in some cases by the metropolitan press of localities where it has been found necessary to flood certain areas for the purpose of establishing reservoirs to supply large cities with water, condemning the injustice of the destruction of private property for this purpose. No doubt, there is some hardship and some desecration of local landmarks of historical value in cases where it has been found necessary to submerge towns to form these bodies of water. Naturally, every village of any importance has some such spot sacred to its inhabitants in association with its history and the destruction of which seems to them to border on sacrilege. Also naturally, the homes that have to be abandoned are dear to the owners and have in many instances come down from father to…

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