Auburn Water Commissioners’ Report

Issue 3 and Volume 69.

Auburn Water Commissioners’ Report The annual report of the board of water commissioners of the city of Auburn, N. Y., was submitted on January 1, 1921, to the mayor and council of the city. This board, which went out of existence by act of legislature on the first of January, the city now being under the commission form of government, consisted of M. P. Conway, M. D., president, William J. Henry, and George W. Bowen and Chief Engineer and Superintendent J. Walter Ackerman. The latter is now superintendent of the water department of Watertown, N. Y. The report is as follows: To the Mayor and Council, of the City of Auburn, N. Y. Gentlemen: With this report, the board of water commissioners of the city of Auburn closes its existence. Created in the year of 1894 for the purpose of offering a means to the city to acquire and own…

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