Issue 3 and Volume 69.

FIRE DEPARTMENT ACTIVITIES Brookline, Mass., has established the two-platoon system in its fire department. A new fire alarm system is being installed at Freeport. N. Y. There is a clock indicator in each of the fire houses and a gong outside of each. The fire department of Westfield, N. Y., recently acquired a new Garford ladder truck, the apparatus being driven in from Buffalo, N. Y., to the local department. The Cataract Fire Company of Lakewood, R. I., recently elected thirty-two new members. It is expected that the department will purchase motor equipment. The Henrietta, N. Y., fire company have acquired a new combination chemical and hose car with two 35-gallon chemical tanks. Funds for the new apparatus were raised by subscriptions. It is said that every day 889 homes are destroyed by fire in this country. Estimates show that the daily bill of waste from this source, including the…

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