Installation and Regulation of Heating Plants

Issue 4 and Volume 69.

Installation and Regulation of Heating Plants Universal Use Necessitates Rules for Installation and Operation —Most Fertile Cause of Fires—Unlined Chimneys, Wooden Partitions and the Wooden Shingle Among Many Causes THE Universal use of heating devices necessitates— in order to safeguard life and property,—the adoption of certain rules for their installation and operation. If an entire heating system is properly installed, no accident or hazard can be caused except by the carelessness of an operator in handling fuel or rubbish in firing the plant. A regular inspection of all heating plants, by members of city fire departments is the best method for curtailing fire losses from this cause. All c i t i e s and towns should provide for and insist on such inspections, following up in each case where defects are found with second or third inspections, to see that faults are remedied. Heating Plants Most Fertile Cause of…

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