What Every Fire Fighter Should Know

Issue 4 and Volume 69.

What Every Fire Fighter Should Know Compiled and Arranged by Electric Circuits (Continued from page 111) A transformer consists essentially of two coils of wire, one coarse and one fine, wound upon an iron core. The function of a transformer is to convert electrical energy from one voltage to another. If the transformer causes a change of voltage from high to low, it is called a “step-down” transformer. If it causes a change from low to high voltage, it is known as a “step-up” transformer. Men working at fires should be careful not to get into close proxmitiy of transformers unless it is certain that the current is shut off, for transformers such as met with on outside of buildings, on poles, or in isolated rooms in industrial plants are almost invariably of the step-down type and high voltages are sure to be present. While primary voltage of 2,200 volts…

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