Houston, Texas, has Two Severe Fires

Issue 4 and Volume 69.

Houston, Texas, has Two Severe Fires The fire department of Houston, Texas, under the command of Chief W. P. Wells, was recently called upon to fight two extensive fires within two days of each other. The first, which occurred in a business building and apartment house, was caused by an overheated stove in one of the apartments on the third floor of a wooden building and before the fire was brought under control badly damaged the adjoining structure, built of brick and also of three stories in height. There were about 140 men employed at the fire with six steamers and four pumpers. Sixteen streams, two hydrant and fourteen engine, were thrown, ten 6-inch double hydrants, spaced 300 feet apart, being available with a pressure of 40 pounds at the hydrant. There were 11,200 feet of hose laid, the nozzles in use being 11/8 inches. A deluge set and water…

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