Issue 4 and Volume 69.

REPAIRING DEFECTIVE CYLINDER Casting of Steam Pump of East Liverpool, Ohio, Filtration Plant Welded by Thermit Process —How the Work was THE accompanying illustrations show an unusual welding repair which was recently made on a large cast steel hydraulic cylinder of a steam pump operated by the East Liverpool, Ohio, water works and filtration plant. The casting had developed a crack of about 20 inches in length. An attempt was made to repair the casting by oxy-acetylene welding, but a crack again developed as a result of contraction strains and the cylinder was then welded by the thermit process. In welding the casting, the broken sections were lined up together as shown in Fig. 1, leaving a small gap between them, in order to provide space for the thermit steel later to enter. Yellow pattern wax was then inserted in the space and a mold formed around the wax. A…

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