Issue 5 and Volume 69.

CONVENTION DATES Feb 1-3—ENGINEERING INSTITUTE OF CANADA, Montreal Can. Annual convention. Toronto, Out, Secretary, Fraser S. Keith, 176 Mansfield Street. Montreal, Quo. Feb. 7-8—FLORIDA ENGINEERING SOCIETY. Annual meeting. Lakewood, Fla. Feb 9—NEW ENGLAND WATER WORKS ASSOCIATION. February meeting, Copley Square Hotel. Huntington Ave. and Exeter St., Boston. Secretary, Frank J. Gifford, 715 Tremont Temple, Boston. Feb 9 FIRE UNDERWRITERS’ ASSOCIATION OF THE PACIFIC. Annual meeting, San Francisco, Cal. Feb. 16—NEW YORK SECTION OF THE AMERICAN WATER WORKS ASSOCIATION. February meeting and luncheon. Hotel McAlpin. at 12.30 o’clock. Secretary, Edward S. Cole, 25 Elm Street, New York City. Feb. 16-17—INDIANA SANITARY AND WATER SUPPLY ASSOCIATION. Fourteenth annual meeting. Claypool Hotel, Indianapolis, Ind. President. W. H. Durbin, Terre Haute Water Company, 634 Cherry Street. Terre Haute, Ind. May 17-19—NATIONAL FIREMENS ASSOCIATION. Twenty-third annual convention. Fort Wayne. Ind. Secretary. Captain J. E. Mersch. 750 Chicago Avenue. Evanston, 111. JuneCONFERENCE OF MAYORS AND OTHER…

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