Water Works of Small Towns and Fire Protection

Issue 5 and Volume 69.

Water Works of Small Towns and Fire Protection Range from Unmodified Gravity System to Direct Pumping and Auxiliary Storage in Tanks — Fire Protection Major Portion of Investment — Advantage of Automatic Control WHEN a community is served by an unmodified gravity water supply system, adequate fire protection may mean only ample pipe sizes and sufficient storage at a suitable elevation. From this pimple and ideal condition there are many ramifications until we reach the system where the supply is pumped from comparatively scanty and costly developed sources, and a flat topography necessitates direct pumping or auxiliary storage in an elevated tank. Conditions approaching this last may require a nice adjustment of extent of supply works, rate of pumping, amount of storage to be provided, and permissible expenditure as determined by the probable earning power of the plant and the financial measure of the community. Fire Protection Major Part of…

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