Creosote Shingle Factory Makes Hot Fire in Detroit

Issue 5 and Volume 69.

Creosote Shingle Factory Makes Hot Fire in Detroit The wooden shingle as a roof covering is looked upon by chiefs in general as one of the great fire hazards, but when the head of a department receives an alarm announcing a fire in a shingle factory he realizes that he has a hard task before him. This was particularly true of Chief T. E. Callahan of Detroit, when his department was summoned to fight a blaze in the H. S. Barker Creosote Stained Shingle Company’s factory on the east side of that city. Added to the inflamable nature of the shingles themselves was the fact that the fire in the plant was spread by continuous explosions of oil and five minutes after being discovered the entire building was involved. Shortly after this, explosions occurred which blew out the walls of the building, setting fire to four frame houses which were…

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