What Every Fire Fighter Should Know

Issue 5 and Volume 69.

What Every Fire Fighter Should Know Compiled and Arranged (Continued from page 165) SOME COMMON CAUSES OF ELECTRIC FIRES Electric fires are usually due to defective workmanship or to lack of knowledge of ordinary electric phenomena Overheating of conductors, arcing, or sparking of electric appliances are directly responsible for the large percentage of fires. While the development and universal adoption of the National Electrical Code have eliminated most of the practices which in the early days of the electrical industry caused many fires (and were blamed for many more they did not cause) the fact remains that in electrical energy still reside all the early potential dangers which should be sought for and overcome in all new applications of electricity—especially to domestic use. Electric wiring for lighting has been so successfully protected that we no longer look for fires and accidents from such installations in the home or office; but…

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