Advancement of the Fire Fighter of the Future

Issue 5 and Volume 69.

Advancement of the Fire Fighter of the Future Optimistic View of Rapid Strides that Members of Fire Service Are Making in Self-Improvement — Future Chief an Engineer—Fire Schools of Future THERE is an old saying, “As your fire departments are, so is your civilization also.” History will show that America blazed the way for all the modern world in organizing fire departments to meet the menace of fires. The fact that today America has the best fire-fighting system, and Turkey has the worst, is further proof of the statement. First Law for Paid Firemen in England It was the great fire in London, England, in 1666, when the city was almost destroyed, that brought about the passage of the first law in England providing for paid firemen. It was in 1700 that Louis XIV. of France organized the first fire company in Paris. In 1429 King Richard of England required…

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