The Oil Menace in Harbors

Issue 6 and Volume 69.

The Oil Menace in Harbors One of the first indictments of a company allowing its steamers to discharge oil refuse into the harbor occurred through the Federal Grand Jury in Brooklyn indicting a New York concern on this charge. Chief Kenlon has not ceased to raise his voice in warning against this menace to the shipping and water front. This problem of discharge from oil burning and oil carrying steamers is by no means confined to the harbor of New York City. Nearly every city in the Union which boasts a harbor large enough to permit oceangoing steamers to enter is confronted with this same difficulty, which has become a fire menace since the introduction of oil in the place of coal as a fuel for the boilers of steamships. This substance as discharged from ships using oil as fuel floats upon the water and is carried beneath the docks…

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