What Every Fire Fighter Should Know

Issue 6 and Volume 69.

What Every Fire Fighter Should Know (Continued from page 211) SOME COMMON CAUSES OF ELECTRIC FIRES Lightning Fires and Lightining Protection Over four hundred lightning fires were reported to the fire marshal department in the State of Illinois during the year 1913, causing a property loss in the State of more than one million dollars Losses by lightning are usually total, since they are most frequent in isolated districts, and it is estimated that could farm mutual insurance companies eliminate fires from this source they would decrease their losses fully fifty per cent. The secretary of one farm mutual insurance company says: “Eighty-five per cent of the losses of my company during the year 1913 were caused by lightning.” Another says: “Every loss in my company during the year 1913, with one exception, was caused by lightning.” Still another says: “Lightning striking wire fences, there-by killing stock in pastures, caused…

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