City Ordinances Relating to Fire Protection

Issue 6 and Volume 69.

City Ordinances Relating to Fire Protection Two General Groups, Fire Prevention in Construction and Care in Maintenance from This Standpoint—City Ordinances Must Particularize—Suggested Ordinances IT has long been an obsession with me that the most effective and abiding law that could be enacted to quicken the impulse of rendering assistance and promoting the great cause of Fire Prevention and SafetyFirst was the awakened conscience of men and women to the duty they owed humanity, to feel that they recognize the responsibility of conserving human life and material possessions by the keenness of their love toward their brother, their sister and community. Yes, the most effective law, whether it be writ on the pages of the statutes of the Stale or the municipal ordinance of the humblest village or town, is the law of love for the very privilege of living and thus an acknowledgment in rendering service to others, as…

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